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Culinary Usage:

Radishes are primarily consumed on salads in this Vonada household. Sometimes some julienned radishes show up on a sandwich, but that's the extent of our usage. I've read that people eat radish greens, but that sounds like a terrible idea to me.

Planting Time: Mid MAR-Late APR (in central Maryland)
Harvest Time: APR-JUN (in central Maryland)

Spacing: 2-6" in row

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Gardening Tips:

Radishes can be started early and don't require much maintenance. They grow very fast (less than one month) and don't require a dedicated space since they grow so much faster than most plants. Some sources suggest planting them between other plants - carrots or peas, for example, because they'll be ready long before the other crops. If you're planting them in their own space, aim for a 2 inch final spacing, which can start with 1/2 inch spacing before thinning.

Since they're a root crop, sometimes there are root maggot problems - they burrow into the radish a little, which makes them undesirable. Also, because it's a root crop, you'll want to cultivate at least 6 inches deep before planting and weed carefully during the season.

Radishes won't grow in the summer (> 80 degrees F), they'll just be leaves. Radishes that stay in the ground through early summer may crack or become spicier.

Fertilizer Notes:

Unlike other brassicas, radishes probably don't need a lot of nitrogen - nitrogen promotes leaf growth, but we want root growth for radishes.

Reader's Digest suggests a cup of 10-10-10 per 5 foot row before planting.

Preservation Notes:

Don't preserve radishes for too long. Take off the leaves and store in the fridge in a sealed bag, dirt and all. Definitely do not wash them until you're ready to eat. They may last a whole month this way.

Matt's Garden Notes:

Matt's 2013 Map

2012: Radishes grew well in the ground between snap peas. Bugs and bunnies really got to the greens, but the bulbs grew very well.

2013: Planted more radishes than I needed, we probably only need 2 radishes a month, but they don't last long in the garden, which makes that goal difficult. Take that into account for 2014. Grew in a raised bed.

Recipes using Radishes:

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