Welcome to my site. This is simply a collection of my personal interests and projects, which seem to constantly be in flux.

As is evidenced by the graphs on this page, I am interested in genealogy, which is a major part of this site. My heritage, as evidenced by the chart to the right, it mostly unknown - I haven't been able to trace most of my lines across the oceans yet. In fact, I charted out my genealogy back to my great x5 grandparents, where I found my first ancestors born in another country. These people were born in the late 1700's, and since they were my great x5 grandparents, I have 128 of them (not really, two of my great grandparents were second cousins, so it's really 120 I think).

This means, as far as I can tell thus far, that I am about a SEVENTH GENERATION American. While that does make it hard to say what my heritage is, it's also very interesting because I have found four patriots in my lineage thus far. Of what I know, I am approximately 6% German, and 1-2% each Irish, Dutch, Swiss, and English. I have a lot left to find in my ancestry though, so I'll definitely keep it updated.
So who am I? I was born in 1985 in Centre County, Pennsylvania (the middle of nowhere - the town I grew up in had more cows than people!) and now work as an Engineer about half an hour south of Baltimore, Maryland. I played football, basketball, and track at Penns Valley Area High School and competed in track at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. There, I got degrees in Cognitive Science and Computer Science, with concentrations in Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction. After I had been working for a year and a half and she finished grad school at Johns Hopkins University, I got married in June 2010 in Centre Hall, Pennsylvania to Megan Elizabeth Brooks (photos here). We lived in Columbia, Maryland until spring of 2011 when we bought our first home in Monrovia, Maryland, a suburban area near Frederick. We had a lovely daughter Madelyn in November 2012, and we spent our time from then working hard at both home and for out jobs. We lived with our cat, Oliver, aka O-Cat Meowserbergs, aka Patheticus Rex. Sadly, Megan passed away from an aneurysm in November of 2013, which is still turning my world upside down. She is sorely missed as a companion, a mother, and a best friend. I have moved with Madelyn and Oliver to Bellefonte, Pennsylvania to be closer to family, and am in the process of turning things back around and raising our beautiful daughter as best I can.
A hobby of mine is to travel to sports stadiums across the country. My first goal is to attend all of the NFL teams' stadiums, then start attempting MLB, NBA, and NHL. I'd love to travel to them all when the Steelers, Pirates, or Pens play there. Although I'd love to travel to all of the FBS NCAA football stadiums, there are simply too many (I've only been to PSU, OSU, UCLA, Pitt, and Maryland thus far).